How do the members of the Academy determine the nominations and winners of these awards?


Films are officially submitted to the organization for award consideration.  For a film to qualify for Saturn Award consideration, it must be screened for the membership of the organization.  All films screened for the organization between February 15, 2014 - February 15, 2015 will be eligible for Saturn Award consideration.  The Academy reserves the right to consider films screened outside of this eligibility period if a particular screening cannot be set up due to complications and/or situations beyond our control.  The Academy will consider nominating a film not screened for the Academy, but the film will only be eligible in the Best Picture category.

The Academy forms area committees to determine nominations and (eventual) winners.  Area Committee leaders determine the nominations for each category. These nomination lists are submitted to the Board of Directors who finalize the list.  Members of the Academy can sign up to serve on any of these committees.  They are mailed ballots and vote in these specific categories.  Representatives chosen by the Board count the final ballots and inform the President of the results.

All members of the Academy receive ballots and vote in the BEST FILM categories. 

The results of the voting is revealed at our annual awards ceremony.


All television programming aired during our qualifying period is eligible for Saturn Award consideration.  The Academy has members who monitor television programming to assist in nominations.

Any specific television program may be submitted to the organization for award consideration.  Although we do not require submission fees, we ask anyone submitting a program to become  a member of our organization.

The nominations are prepared by our Television committee and submitted to the Board of Directors for final approval. Ballots are mailed to the Television Committee members.


The Academy votes awards for home entertainment.  Any dvd and blu-ray is eligible for award consideration provided it is submitted to the organization.  Although one copy is sufficient to consider this particular release for nomination, the Academy prefers to receive five copies to circulate amongst the Home Entertainment committee members.  We provide a list of eligible titles to the committee leadership who help determine the nominations for these categories.  The final list is submitted to the Board of Directors for final approval.  Members who serve on these committees are mailed ballots to determine the winner in these categories.

                                                         LIVE STAGE PRODUCTION:

On occasion, the Academy votes awards for best stage play/production.  The organization requests seats to a play/performance to help determine possible nominations.  It is not a requirement to receive seats to a play/performance to receive a nomination.  A list of plays is presented to a committee formed by the Board to  help determine nominations.  This committee will receive final ballots to determine the winner(s) in each category.


         In all of these categories, the final ballots are mailed to Academy members who determine the winners.

Contact us if you have a specific film, television program, or dvd/blu ray which you wish us to consider for Saturn Award consideration.  Send us an email:




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