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The Saturn Awards organization is the official awards group of The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films.  The Academy was founded in 1972 and is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

The organization was founded in 1972 by Donald A. Reed who earned two degrees at the University of Southern California.  As a life-long fan of genre entertainment, he became noted as one of the leading authorities on Count Dracula.  That dedication and passion soon took shape as the Academy and the Saturn Awards.  Dr. Reed was devoted to the genres right up to his passing in 2001.

The Academy is now headed by an equally-devoted group of enthusiasts including Mark Altman (film and television producer), Kevin and Bradley Marcus (feature film writers), and Robert Holguin who currently serves as President of the Academy.

With several hundred members in Los Angeles, the Academy holds official screenings of films for the purposes of award consideration.  The organization also shows films for promotional purposes.  The group screens close to 100 films a year.  The Academy has a large group of members who live outside of Southern California who join expressly to support the Academy and vote in the annual awards show.

The organization is currently screening in the Westwood area and encourages anyone who works or lives in the general perimeter to consider supporting the Academy and attend screenings.  This is a great value to anyone who loves attending films.  You will see a wide variety of films and you may bring a guest with you to these private screenings.  Members only show their membership cards at the door for admittance.

Please look throughout this website for more information on the Academy.


We all love going to movies.  We have our favorite television shows.  We are a media-generated society.  Back in 1972, some very enthusiastic fans got together and thought it would be a great idea to honor and recognize popular entertainment which often gets overlooked by other awards-giving organizations.  We affectionately refer to these films as the “crowd-pleasers”.

That group of friends, headed by Donald A. Reed, got together and created an organization which would fill that void in recognizing genre entertainment.  That group focused on science fiction films, and fantasy films, and horror.  These are all popular genres where many a great filmmaker sometimes begin their illustrious career.

In 1978, the annual award officially became the Saturn Award which is a beautiful golden statue with a ring of 35 millimeter surrounding the award.

As we call ourselves the Saturn Awards Organization, we continue our endeavor of honoring, recognizing, and also promoting these genres of the fantastic.

The members of the Academy are film enthusiasts, educational instructors, and film and television industry professionals.  The professions range from teachers, students, counselors and film editors to actors, writers, directors, costumers, producers and others who work in film, television, and live stage presentation.

Based in Southern California, we work closely with film studios and independent film companies in screening and promoting their films.  We rent a theater on the weekends and hold private screening for members who live in the area.

In the late 80’s, we began expanding our efforts in honoring filmed entertainment to other genres which include action, adventure, thrillers, specific dramas and comedies, animation, and international filmmaking.  We additionally began honoring the medium of television.

We have drawn the support of the biggest names in the industry who appreciate our passion and enthusiasm in honoring and recognizing popular entertainment.

We are the Saturn Awards and have been active over 40 years.  We are looking for your support and interest as the next generation is upon us.  We live and strive in the future as it’s always upon us.

Take a look at our website and if you believe in our passion, become a part of it.  Join our non-profit organization and have a voice in who receives recognition in our Saturn Award voting.  Attend many new and upcoming screenings in the L.A. area.

Our last awards show was held in June 2014.  Here is a list of the recipients of that special show, The 40th Annual Saturn Awards.

The Award recipients of 2014 are:

Best Comic-to-Motion Picture Release: Iron Man 3
Best Science Fiction Film: Gravity
Best Fantasy Film: Her
Best Horror Film: The Conjuring

Best Actor: Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man 3)
Best Actress: Sandra Bullock  (Gravity)
Best Supporting Actor: Ben Kingsley (Iron Man 3)
Best Supporting Actress: Scarlett Johansson  (Her)
Best Performance by a Younger Actor: Chloe Grace Moretz  (Carrie)

Best Director: Alfonso Cuaron  (Gravity)
Best Writing: Spike Jonze (Her)
Best Production Design: Dan Hennah (The  Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug)
Best Editing: Alfsonso Cuaron, Mark Sanger, Mark Day  (Gravity)
Best Music: Frank Ilfman (Big Bad Wolves)
Best Costume: Trish Summerville (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire)
Best Make-Up: Donald Mowat (Prisoners)
Best Special Effects: Tim Webber, Chris Lawrence, David Shirk, Neil Corbould

Best Thriller Film: World War Z
Best Action/Adventure Film: Fast & Furious 6
Best International Film: Big Bad Wolves
Best Independent Film: 12 Years a Slave
Best Animated Film: Frozen


Best Network Series: (tie) Hannibal & Revolution
Best Syndicated Cable Television Series: The Walking Dead
Best Television Presentation of a Limited Run Series: Breaking Bad
Best Youth-Oriented Television Series: Teen Wolf

Best Actor on Television: Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal)
Best Actress on Television: Vera Farmiga  (Bates Motel)
Best Supporting Actor on Television: Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)
Best Supporting Actress on Television: Melissa McBride (The Walking Dead)
Best Performance by a Younger Actor on Television: Chandler Riggs (The Walking
Best Guest Star on Television: Robert Forster (Breaking Bad)

Home Entertainment:

Best DVD Release: Big Ass Spider
Best DVD Collection: Chucky: The Complete Collection
Best DVD Release of a Television Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Best DVD Release of a Classic Film: Halloween (35th Anniversary Edition)




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